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In 2023 I completed a PhD in Film (Audio-Visual) at the University of Birmingham, England:  ‘Inhuman, all too Inhuman: Lyotard, Nihilism and Film’. This research was an exploration of film vis-à-vis Jean-François Lyotard's notion of the inhuman, digital aesthetics and immaterial technologies crucially through the medium of film. Centred on investigations into Lyotard’s largely neglected notion of acinema and the constellation of anamnesis, the figural, immateriality, nihilism and technology, I sought to trace their implications and possibilities for film through theoretical and artistic enquires. In doing so I sought to question the limits of film in a digital age saturated with images and information, examining the viability of film as a site of resistance against what Lyotard terms the “inhuman”.

In 2015 I completed an M.A in Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths College, the University of London with a particular focus on the relationship between Literature, Art, Aesthetics and problematics of representation in the work of Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin and Maurice Blanchot, culminating in my dissertation; 'Utopia in fragments: Art and Adorno's Negative Dialectics after Shoah'.

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